Documents submitted by parties to the action are necessary for performance of this actions.

The type of documents is contingent upon the performed action. 

Apart from the documents specified in the tabs below:

  • in the case of actions the subject whereof is the right acquired by way of inheritance, or after the 1st January 2007 by way of donation, it is necessary to obtain a certificate from the Head of the Tax Office that due tax has been paid, tax exemption has been granted or the tax obligation has expired,
  • in the case of the purchase being financed from funds originating from a bank loan, the loan agreement shall be necessary,
  • in the case when spouses being parties to an action remain in the separate property regime, an abstract from a prenuptial agreement or court’s decision must be submitted,
  • in the case when a proxy performs this action, a power of attorney document must be submitted.

Sample notarial actions:

Disposal of premises constituting a separate real property
  • Land and Mortgage Register abstract,
  • proof of purchase - e.g. notarial deed copy, court decision,
  • land register copy,
  • identity document data.
Disposal of a cooperative member's ownership right to premises
  • in the case when a Land and Mortgage Register is kept for the right - Land and Mortgage Register abstract,
  • certificate from the Housing Cooperative,
  • proof of purchase - e.g. allocation document, notarial deed copy,
  • identity document data.
Disposal of a land real property
  • Land and Mortgage Register abstract,
  • proof of purchase - e.g. notarial deed copy, court decision, administrative decision,
  • land register copy and, in the case of disposal of a part of the property - local plan extract,
  • a copy of the local plan of spatial development with property designation in the plan,
  • identity document data.
Inheritance confirmation deed
  • death certificate of the testator,
  • the testament - if it was prepared by the testator,
  • abridged copies of birth certificates of the heirs: birth certificates and in the case of change of the name as a result of conclusion of marriage - marriage certificates,
  • a certificate from the municipal or community office according to the last place of residence of the deceased on the PESEL No. (Polish Resident Identification Number).
Pre- and post-nuptial contracts

Before marriage conclusion

  • identity document data

After marriage conclusion

  • abridged copy of birth certificate,
  • identity document data

Articles of Association

  • basic information: partners, business name of the Partnership and its registered office, the amount of the share capital and the scope of operations,
  • identity document data

Minutes from meetings of the partners

  • amendment of the articles - uniform text of the Articles of Association, current copy from the National Court Register, suggested amendments