Notarial Actions

Pursuant to the Notary Public Law of the 14th February 1991 (Journal of Laws 2008 no. 189 item 1158), a Notary Public shall be appointed to perform actions, the parties are obliged to or wish to give a notarial form whereto. 
As a person of public trust, in performance of these actions they care for a proper protection of rights and just interests of the parties and other people for whom these actions may cause legal consequences.

Notarial actions are performed by the Notary Public in the Polish language.
For a party participating in the actions, who does not know Polish, the contents of the document being prepared is translated or interpreted by a sworn translator.
When performing a notarial action, a Notary Public is obliged to confirm the identity of persons participating in the action, based on the documents envisaged by law.

Notarial actions are performed with due diligence and care for manifestation of the will of the parties, while observing the standards following from the binding provisions of law.

The scope of notarial acts shall be governed by the article 79 of the Notary Public Law, pursuant whereto a Notary Public performs the following actions:
prepares notarial deeds, including sales and donation contracts, pre- and postnuptial contracts, common property division contracts, annuity contracts, preliminary contracts, contracts transferring ownership and conditional contracts, contracts for determination of personal and land servitudes, exchange contracts, inheritance division contracts, co-ownership dissolution contracts, articles of partnerships, powers of attorney, declarations on being subject to enforcement, testaments;

  • prepares inheritance confirmation deeds
  • prepares confirmations, including certification of conformity with the original document, of genuineness of the signature, of specimen signatures, of the authenticated date and of life certificates;
  • serves persons with declarations;
  • prepares minutes, including minutes from company assemblies, housing cooperative meetings;
  • prepares protests of notes and cheques;
  • accepts documents, money and securities for storage;
  • prepares abstracts, copies and estreats of documents;
  • prepares, upon the request from the parties, drafts of deeds, declarations and other documents,
  • performs other actions following from separate provisions.