Notary Public

Welcome on the website of the Notary Public Ms. Iwona Zofia Brzostowska in Bolesławiec.

Iwona Zofia Brzostowska, a person of public trust, appointed to hold the function of the notary public by the Ministry of Justice, takes care so that the notarial acts which are to be performed by her will secure interests of the Notarial Office customers, as well as other persons in relation to whom, such an act can invoke legal consequences. She keeps in secret the circumstances of a given case, of which she has learnt due to the performed notarial acts. She provides information and explanations within the framework of a performed activity free of charge.

The Notary Public Ms. Iwona Zofia Brzostowska has long-time professional experience in applying the law. She has been continuously running the Notarial Office since 1995.

The Notarial Office of Ms. Iwona Zofia Brzostowska is located in the city centre at ul. Ogrodowa no. 6/2, in the vicinity of the main post office building. It is located on the ground floor of the building, which is convenient for disabled persons. The entrance to the Notarial Office is located directly from the street.

The Notarial Office is open from Monday to Friday from 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. and on other days and time upon prior appointment with the notary public.

The acts are performed in the seat of the Notarial Office. However, they can be also performed in other places – a flat, a hospital, a customer’s registered office, in justified cases, which are conditioned either by the circumstances or a character of a given act.

Prior contact with the notarial office enables to determine a type of a notarial act, to prepare documents, which are required by the legal provisions and also the ones that guarantee security of acts and to agree on a date of performing the acts, which is convenient for you, as well as the costs that are related to it. The acts are performed in our Notarial Office with due diligence and attention to manifest the will of the parties, by preserving the standards which follow from the binding legal provisions.

„I do solemnly swear as the notary public
to exercise the duties which I have been entrusted with in compliance with the law and conscience,
to keep state and professional secret,
to follow the principles of dignity, honour and honesty in my conduct.”

Iwona Zofia Brzostowska
Notary public